By combining cannabis molecules in their purest form with the latest-generation cosmetic ingredients selected for their effectiveness, Laboratoires VIRISENS have created a full range of skincare products associating the best of nature and biotechnology.

Two areas of expertise, One mission

VIRISENS is the story of the encounter between two renowned industries: Pioneer in advanced cannabis technology & swiss safe cosmetics.

It is the alliance between unique expertise in cannabis and advanced cosmetic research and innovation.

Laboratoires Virisens aim for safe and effective skin solutions. A true quest for skin cell regeneration results that led to develop the 1st cannabis based cosmetic complex: PURE CBD COMPLEX®.

The healing virtues of cannabis

With its thousands of qualities, this plant ensures intense cell regeneration and perfect skin protection. Scientifically known for its anti-inflammatory properties, Cannabis is bursting with powerful antioxidants, is anti-seborrheic and fights the effects of pollution. Thanks to the synergy between the active ingredients derived from Cannabis Sativa and all the other latest-generation ingredients used in each formulation, the antioxidant and calming power of VIRISENS products is increased tenfold.

A unique cellular regeneration technology

Laboratoires VIRISENS has developped PURE CBD COMPLEX®, the first cosmetic complex using the incomparable virtues of cannabis on the skin. This exclusive synergistic complex restructures the extracellular matrix and restores the skin’s barrier function. Lastingly hydrated, toned, and soothed, the epidermis recovers all of its natural radiance.

For us, safe cosmetics means everything

Laboratoires VIRISENS’ mission is to provide clinically effective and exclusively formulated skincare products with precisely-dosed and safe ingredients that respect the skin’s health and fineness. Whether stemming from nature or biotechnology, all the active ingredients are carefully selected for their performance and perfect safety. Endocrine disruptors, allergens, and controversial substances are rigorously labelled and banned from all VIRISENS products. They combine the properties of pharmaceutical efficiency and precision with gentle and traceable sources that are mainly rooted in Switzerland. VIRISENS is the perfect balance between cutting-edge cosmetology, purity, and safety. 

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